There is no shortcut for success – Your Product must function PERFECT to SUCCEED

Continuous Improvement and making your product defect free are the only parameters we believe in. Software products depend on quality assurance engineering to identify and resolve defects early, reduce time to market, and save costs. All software‐enabled businesses today are increasingly looking at adopting the cloud for their QA needs because of its inherent a dvantages of pay as you go costs and faster time to market. TechalphaInc can be an ideal partner for accelerating your QA needs where you can focus on building your product and leave the QA to us.

Techalpha QA Services include:

  • Accelerated release cycles by automating repetitive tasks.

  • Design and implementation of Continuous Integration & Continuous     Delivery best practices.

  • Authoring test strategy, test plan, test specification and test reports.

  • Test Automation Framework Design and Development.

When to Automate Testing

Mobility requires speed and enterprises must move faster in Test / QA to keep up with the competition. This requires automating manual test and QA processes wherever appropriate. Techalpha offers in-depth expertise and best practices in test automation. We can help identify which test processes to automate and expand the use of Agile, continuous integration and continuous delivery methodologies to help enterprises improve service quality and speed time to market. We also have hands-on expertise with the leading automation tools like Jenkins, Selenium, Appium, Perfecto and QMetry Automation Studio.