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QA Engineer Fulltime job, 40 hours per week

Date of Posting

21st August 2021

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TechAlpha LLC
1402 S Custer Rd, Suite 604
McKinney, TX 75072

Job Duties

Analyze and define computer systems and software problems. Define software testing standards and solutions by evaluating procedures and processes. Utilize Test Cases, create Test Plan, Test Scenarios based on Business Requirements to test the software and ensure quality assurance. Analyze user requirements, procedures and test Stand-Alone, Client-Server, Web-based and Web Service Applications. Test, Maintain and Monitor Computer programs and Computer Systems, Document testing procedures and testing standards and help improve computer systems using various tools as Selenium, JIRA to test and ensure integrity of various software applications. Travel and/or relocation is required to unanticipated client sites.

Education Required

Master’s degree in Computer Science, IT, Engineering(any), Business or related field with 6 (Six) months of experience in the job offered or as a IT Consultant or IT Analyst or Developer or Programmer or IT Engineer or very closely related area. Employer also accepts Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, IT, Engineering(any), Business or related field plus 5 years of progressive work experience in related field.

Experience Required

Experience of 6 months using JIRA or SELENIUM is required. Travel and/or relocation to unanticipated client sites throughout USA is required.

  • 1402 S, Custer Road, Suite 604,
    McKinney, TX, 75072
  • 510 804 2753