Data Center Solutions


Today, when companies use services like Amazon's Elastic Compute Cloud or the Google Compute Engine or Azure Virtual Machine, the idea is that they're running their software applications on virtual machines — computer servers that exist only as software. We at Techalpha think in different terms – The virtual machine will give way to the software container, a more efficient means of running modern applications. Today there is Docker, Google and some other companies have solutions available for containers. Our team is highly proficient in application containerization using Docker, Kubernetes and Coreos. We have also helped our customers to design and automate application lifecycles using Docker, Coreos, Kubernetes and Apache Mesos.


Scaling of physical infrastructure requires planning and capital expenditure, resulting in a long lead-time for procurement, provisioning and deployment. The AWS cloud provides you infrastructure provisioning at the click of a button and involves zero capital expenditure, enabling your company to grow, when you need it the most. Techalpha can help architect a solution that works in conjunction with your on-premise infrastructure and provides the ability to scale into the cloud, on-demand. The pay as you go pricing model helps pay for additional infrastructure on an as needed basis, keeping the overall total cost of ownership very affordable. Many companies find this solution attractive to help sunset their physical infrastructure, while growing into the cloud.