Bigdata Analytics


Every business today has to deal with overwhelming amounts of data and is constantly on the lookout for solutions for managing and extracting value from this data. Big data technology is the tipping point in today's data‐driven global economy. Big data technologies can take the overwhelming flow of data and make it far more accessible through enabling streamlined reporting to suit your company's needs. Techalpha deep expertise in developing enterprise class big data solutions, helps companies discover new paradigms to data already flowing through a product, an organization or an infrastructure network. Our big data experts help you capture structured and unstructured data at the source and transform it into the kind of insights that drive growth and revenue. Our engineers have developed cutting‐edged Information Retrieval, Machine Learning, Recommendation Systems, Search Ranking / Relevance, Predictive & Threat Analytics and Pattern Recognition Systems.


Scaling of physical infrastructure requires planning and capital expenditure, resulting in a long lead-time for procurement, provisioning and deployment. The AWS cloud provides you infrastructure provisioning at the click of a button and involves zero capital expenditure, enabling your company to grow, when you need it the most. Techalpha can help architect a solution that works in conjunction with your on-premise infrastructure and provides the ability to scale into the cloud, on-demand. The pay as you go pricing model helps pay for additional infrastructure on an as needed basis, keeping the overall total cost of ownership very affordable. Many companies find this solution attractive to help sunset their physical infrastructure, while growing into the cloud.

  • Designing, architecting & implementing multidata center, high volume data     pipelines.

  • Map Reduce Programming

  • Reporting & Visualization.

  • Data modelling & Algorithm development

  • Data Integration Services.